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Ceto by luxrayfan33
Despite the fact we could change their names, the name Ceto just stuck in my head so that's what her name will stay 

Name: Ceto
Age: Unknown
Sexuality: Straight
Realationship Status: Crush On Jupiter Rings
Parents: Nephele and Unknown (Biological)
Doris and Nereus (First Adoptive Parents)
Whirlpool (Adoptive Mother)
History: Ceto is the offspring of sky nymph Nephele and a Unknown sea diety, when Ceto was born her mother who expected a beautiful god like foal instead looked horrified at the fact that her daughter had a Shark tail and fins . Not wanting what she thought was an ugly foal she went to the edge of a cliff and threw Ceto into the sea.
Ceto was found by Doris who took her in and raised her with Nereus for the first few years of her life unfortunately Doris and Nereus had their hooves full raising their own offspring and reluctantly gave Ceto to fellow Sea nymph Whirlpool who raised Ceto as best as she could.As Ceto grew older she and Whirlpool moved out of the sea to the edge of a deserted beach in order for Ceto to learn to fly properly but she preferred the ocean the calmness of it she felt safe in the ocean and once she perfected the art of flying she begged Whirlpool to let her return to the ocean but Whirlpool refused stating she must get familiar with being on land. 
Eventually Ceto devolped a bond with the Sky as she has with the Sea and knowing her true herritage and why she was raised by Whirlpool, she set out to find Nephele for answers of how she could just abandoned her, in her journeys she joined up with demigod Jupiter Rings an arogant son of lightning god Zeus who wandered the Earth looking for a challenge a mare to match him, Ceto refused him and ran from him she'd heard of tales of how demigods can bring sorrow and destruction to whoever allies beside them. Jupiter saw the challenge he wanted from Ceto and pursued her following her everywhere much to Cetos annoyance eventually she let him join her but as friend not a lover, he himsel offered his services and knowledge to help her find Nephele as he himself was searching for his father for answers. 
Ceto herself learned the place where her mother resided she resided in a place called Eden a floating island near Olympia and the mount olympus itself of course only those worthy may reside on Eden and Ceto is now looking for away to sneak on the island without getting caught. 

Personality: Ceto being a nymph born of sky and sea has a deep bond with both, she finds the sea as her safe haven a place were no one woud hurt her or judge her while the sky is unknown so much she hadn't explored and yet she was cast down from it by her own mother for being what she though was ugly.Ceto grew up to have confidence in her appearance beliving she was beautiful and that her mother had let her vanity get in the way of seeing that.She is rather wary of other being such as Jupiter due to the stories she was told by Whirlpool and Doris and actually is a rather paranoid mare that something bad will happen to her, in meeting Jupiter she become defensive and protective of herself but he eventually managed to wear her down and show her his intentions are not the perverse kind.She bonded with himand now relies on him in explaining about something or someplace, the knowledge he has interests her and their shared sense of determination to find out the answers lad her to devolp a bit of a crush on him.

I Adoptedthus beauty from :icontearyiris:
Lantern themed Deer OTA by luxrayfan33
Lantern themed Deer OTA
It's Offer to Adopt so just offer a price and I'll accept it or not
May make minor changes to her but I'd prefer it you kept her a deer
I'd prefer points but its up to you

Owner: :iconneoceltia:

Lantern Deer:

Base: :iconlinoleumitalics:
Pony adopts OTA by luxrayfan33
Pony adopts OTA
My two first attempts with this beautiful base 
I really hope the two find good homes
You may make minor changes to them but not any major changes to them (you may change their gender,species, add a acessories or take them away)
I'd prefer points for these beauties but its up to you

Pink Princess Pony Bought by :iconeipred:

The Witch Pony: :iconpitterpaint:

Base: LinoleumItalics

Just noticed the activity bar,I can't be the only one to find this pointless?


Big Custom Shipping Sheets
Its the same as the small sheets
Oc x Canon
Canon x Canon
Oc x Oc
You get twelve and two free
Small Custom Shipping Sheets
Lyra x BonBon Adopts OTA by luxrayfan33
Luna x Rainbow Dash Adopts OTA by luxrayfan33
It can be Canon x Canon
Oc x Canon
or Oc x Oc
You'd get six foals and one free


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